Towada & Hakkoda

Branch Office

Natural Parks Foundation, Towada Branch
486, Towada-kohan Yasumiya, Okuse-aza, Towada-shi, Aomori, 018-5501
TEL: 0176-75-2368

Parking Lot

Yasumiya South & North Parking Lot

Parking Fee

Vehicle Type Motorcycles Automobiles Microbuses Large Buses
Usage Fee 200 yen 500 yen 1,000 yen 2,000 yen

* Price once per day, tax included

* Automobiles measuring 5 meters or longer will be charged as microbuses.


Lake Towada Oide Campsite

Lake Towada Oide Campsite

This campsite is surrounded by the natural forest of beech and Mongolian oak where is located at the southern shore of Lake Towada.


Auto-camping site (1 AC power supply per section, 14 sections)

1 night3,000 yen
Day-camping1,500 yen

Dedicated site (44 sections) and communal site (capacity for approximately 100 tents)
Administrative Fee (A) + Tent / Tarp Camping Fee (B) + Parking Fee (C)

A.Administrative Fee (per person per night for elementary school children and older)
1 night300 yen
Day-camping150 yen
B.Tent / Tarp Camping Fee
1 night200 yen
Day-camping100 yen
C. Parking Fee
  1 night Day-camping
Vehicle Type Motorcycles 200 yen 100 yen
Automobiles 800 yen 400 yen
Microbuses 1,600 yen 800 yen
Large Buses 3,200 yen 1,600 yen

Operating Period

From April 25 to November 5

Campsite Map

Lake Towada Oide Campsite Map


TEL: 0176-75-2368 (Natural Parks Foundation, Towada Branch)
FAX: 0176-75-2672


Oide, Towadako, Kosaka-cho, Oga-gun, Akita, 017-0200

On-site Facilities

  • Cooking block
  • Flash toilets
  • Campfire site
  • Store

* At the store, we sell a firewood and charcoal. In addition, a rental lantern, blanket and stove are also available.

  • Campsite along Lake Towada
  • Entrance of the Campsite Entrance
  • Center House Center House
  • Communal Kitchen in the Center House
  • Auto Camp Site
  • Dedicated Campsite with Cooking Furnace
  • Lawn Site
  • Rental Tent
  • Rental Tent
  • Rental Blanket
  • Cooking Block
  • Kitchen Furnace
  • Cooking Block (Sink)
  • Firewood for Cooking (sold at Center House)
  • Coin-operated Shower
  • Changing Room at Coin-operated Shower
  • Coin-operated Laundry
  • Toilet Facility
  • Toilet Facility
  • Barrier-free Toilet

Main Facilities

Towada Visitor Center

Towada Visitor Cente

486, Yasumiya, Howadakohan, Okuse, Towada-shi, Aomori, 018-5501
TEL: 0176-75-1015

Operating Hours
9:00am to 4:30pm
Closed Days
Every Wednesday and from December 29 to January 3 expect for late April and late May, mid-July to late October.