Program Development

The Foundation is developing the following activities in partnership with the natural government and local public entities.

  1. Maintenance and management of park facilities
  2. Conservation and management of the natural environment
  3. Provision of nature interpretation and information to promote engagement with nature
  4. Dissemination of ideas about the conservation of the natural environment and engagement with nature
  5. Research into the conservation of the natural environment and engagement with nature
  6. Other projects necessary for achieving the Foundation’s objectives

Parking fees charged by the Foundation are used to beautify the national parks and maintain and manage park facilities (i.e. public toilets) as “Facility Usage and Environmental Maintenance Cooperation Fees.” In order to be fair to all visitors, we do not offer any preferential treatment, such as discount for persons with disabilities.

Good management makes the most out of the natural parks
Nature’s beauty makes the natural parks. Litter or dirty park facilities spoil nature’s beauty. The Foundation shares in the management by the public sector, bearing in mind that natural parks emphasize the extraordinary.
Getting tomorrow’s vitality from the natural parks
Japan’s natural parks, in addition to their intrinsic natural beauty and tranquility, are also brimming with wild flora and fauna. They are also blessed with jewel-like natural features like water and hot springs. To those who want to get away from the everyday and get closer to nature, the Foundation provides guidance and other information to help them enjoy their experience fully.
Nature for us, and us for nature
The public admin alone is not adequate to keep the parks comfortable and properly used. It requires understanding and cooperation of the residents and visitors of the parks. The Foundation works as a go-between to bring these three groups together to improve park environments.
The Foundation manages the for-profit private sectors, at the same time, provides kind and sincere services for visitors. We will continue our activities in the certain belief that these beautiful parks will continue to deliver happiness in future years.